Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Man Called Noon - Everybody Move (2017)

Written by Daniel Boyer, posted by blog admin

Well into a productive musical career with constant positive activity, Chicago-based rock n’ rollers Man Called Noon have an interesting sound.  Though being touted as an indie rock band, Man Called Noon avoids the pretentions of the snooty “indie” tag by just delivering a rocking experience steeps in full on rock n’ roll, dance punk, pop, shoegaze, soul and 90s spacey alternative rock.  There’s a lot of different vibes at work and despite the numerous differences in the styles that they are combing, the band manages to sound like a group unconcerned with what genre they’re playing to instead focus on writing songs that are simply good. 

The title tracks sets things off with a bouncy, buoyant kick in the behind that guitarist/vocalist Anthony Giamichael laying into an angular pop/punk riff that melds seamlessly to Nathan Crone’s triumphant piano accompaniment.  Bassist Dave Aitken propels the material forward with purpose and abandon thanks to an organic bass tone and walking melodies that snake in and out of the guitar lines.  Josh Fontenot keeps feet tapping as he slaps a rolling, rollicking tom-tom pattern into the foundations of the rippling guitar leads and steadfast vocal melodies that feature some absolutely pristine and pure harmonies.  Backing vocalist Erin Piortrowski weaves cosmic harmonies into the band’s immaculately layered solar tapestries of sound and her mesmerizing, melodically lush voice compliments Giamichael’s lead’s to perfection. 

They score another winner utilizing much of the same structure and sonics on “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang” but here keyboardist Crone’s dense synthesizer augmentations thicken up the hooky pop song craft with a low signal that only further enhances Aitken’s juicy tones.  Another sturdy set of verses open up to a chorus vocal harmony that’s a complete joy to behold as Anthony’s guitar work wavers between sparse atmospheric commentary and small sweeps of catchy riffing that favors minor key note choices.  The playing, composition, production and layering of Man Called Noon’s tunes make them hit big whenever it comes to pop-inflected goodness that’s instantly affecting but they’ve got a crunchier bite to them that peppers their sound with some authentic rock n’ roll brawn.  That aforementioned rock n’ roll brawn is all over endnote number “One Last Ride.”  Here the leads vocals are stricken with anxiety and nervous energy stream of consciousness which really possesses a harder than expected edge.  Heavy hitting drums unleash a thundering backbeat as the guitars tremble with distortion and eventually fling themselves into a fiery solo bit that’s got expressionism to spare.  Everything about this band just catches the ear and lures you in for the long haul.  There’s great writing from front to back cover on this EP and this closing cut reinforces exactly how powerful the band’s material is. 

Everything about Everybody Move is a success.  They have a nice uplifting, upbeat approach in both their music and lyrics which make them the kind of band that gets you moving whether in a computer office chair or on a club dance floor.  This EP is well-worth a check if punchy, positive music is what you’re looking for.

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